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What are angel cards?

Angel cards are similar to the traditional tarot but they’re all about positivity, inspiration, and light. Angel cards (also known as angel oracle cards) are a great option if you need guidance through a tough decision or want encouragement on your path of personal development. 

What is an angel card reading?

A professional angel card reading starts with you. You ask a question or request a general angel card reading. Then, the advisor focuses on your question while they shuffle the deck. Some angel card readers may also tap into the energies of your guardian angel or their angel guide. 

The expert will lay out the angel cards they are drawn to in a spread based on your question. They will share the impressions they get from the cards and help you understand what that means for you.

Which angel cards are the best?

Every angel card deck is different, though they usually depict images of angels or archangels. Ask the advisor about their angel card decks and let them choose the right deck for you.

What should I ask the angel cards?

  • What should I know about my situation right now?
  • What do I need most right now?
  • What is keeping me from moving forward?
  • How can I attract more success/money/love/etc. in my life?
  • How can I accept myself as I am?
  • What is my biggest life block right now?