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What is a chakra healer?

The state of your chakras can significantly impact your life. When that happens, you need a chakra healer.

Call it chakra balancing, chakra alignment, or chakra cleansing, a chakra therapist can do it all. They read your energy and determine which of your chakras need attention. They’ll discuss what you’re dealing with emotionally and physically to help you develop a plan to open your chakras. Together, you’ll balance your energy and connect your mind, body, and spirit.

What is chakra therapy?

Chakra therapy is the treatment and balancing of the energetic body. Thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all made up of energy and energetic frequencies. Chakra therapy focuses on clearing any blockages from the energetic body to allow energy to flow more freely, resulting in fewer mental, emotional, and physical symptoms. There are specific exercises, mantras, and practices that help balance each chakra.

Chakra therapy is based on the ancient Indian belief designed to promote health through the body’s seven major energy centers or chakras. Each of the major chakras is associated with a specific shape, sense, organ, color, natural element, and deity. Many different cultures have studied the body’s energy centers for thousands of years, and chakra therapy is tried and proven to enhance your body’s energy and flow.

How does chakra balancing work?

Your healer will scan your energy fields to look for any imbalances or sensations. Then they’ll choose healing techniques appropriate for your needs. They’ll reassess your energy fields at the end and then “ground” you (bring you back to an alert state). We highly recommend you try a voice call for the most accurate, powerful chakra balancing. 

At the end of your session, you’ll discuss the therapy and any sensations or experiences. From there, you’ll develop a plan of self-care. This plan may include setting up another session, and techniques and strategies you can use in your real life.

What is chakra guided meditation?

Chakra guided meditation or chakra balancing meditation is a form of meditation that targets your blocked or unaligned chakras. You may choose to use chakra color meditation, a meditation on energy, or a meditation on an individual chakra.

In many chakra meditations, the goal is to focus on one individual chakra. For example, you might focus on the root chakra only, targeting the emotional and physical areas that this chakra represents and influences. If you chose to do a root chakra meditation, you would be focusing on chakra elements such as security, stability, and overall basic needs.

What are the best crystals for chakra healing?

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to elevate magical and spiritual powers. They’re believed to hold vibrational energy and can transmit this energy to you and balance your emotional, physical, and spiritual self.

When meditating, you can place a crystal on the chakra that aligns with your intention. People use specific crystals to target and bring balance to different chakras. The crystals you use to balance your root chakra wouldn’t be the same as the ones you’d use for your heart chakra, for example. There are also different ways you can actually use the crystals once you’ve settled on the right ones, depending on what works best for you. 

Clear quartz is known as the “master healer” because it helps align all your chakras and can energetically attune to all other crystals.

Here are the top expert-recommended crystals for the seven chakras:

Some people also turn to aromatherapy to balance their chakras. They use essential oils to recalibrate their body's energy centers and keep things flowing smoothly. Don't hesitate to ask a professional chakra therapist for help in choosing the right stone or the essential oil for your chakra healing so you can feel like yourself again.