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Edu Moros
Edu Moros
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Edu Moros

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Hello! I'm Edu.
I live in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro, but I prefer to work online.
I work with Karmic Astrology, Oracles and Quantum Table - with the Pendulum.

Our print runs will be integrative; In other words, during the card game, we can receive information about astrology, or even advice from numerology. The services are filled with mystical information that goes far beyond what the cards come to tell us. Before each service, I light a candle and ask in my prayers that everything the client needs to hear is said, regardless of my ego and my beliefs, as I believe that we evolve from the truth.

I am a Magician, initiated into Ifá Cubano (son of Eleguá) and a priest of Umbanda. Because I believe in the evolution of people, I always seek to take the advice of the Oracles in the best possible way without shame - even if the truth is uncomfortable. I am here to guide you with valuable advice from gypsies, and from the astral guides who accompany and protect us at all times, helping us in this evolutionary process.

During our service I can use the data, Gypsy Deck, Tarot, Table Deck, among others that we use to achieve the appropriate answers you are looking for.


Edu Moros - Astrologer and Oraculist
Accredited Integrative Therapist


I have dedicated myself to spirituality and mysticism since my first contact with the Astros, more than 22 years ago.


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