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Mademoiselle Marie Anne Lenormand was a Parisian fortuneteller who lived from 1768 to 1843. She was a local celebrity who owned her own psychic reading salons in Paris. She made a fortune and lost it all because, according to the establishment she devoted herself to “illegal arts”. Contemporaries like Robespierre and Joséphine de Beauharnais, wife to Napoleon, sought her divination services. Madame Lenormand was said to have foretold the rise and demise of Napoleon, as well as his divorce from Josephine. She was a great gifted intuitive. Her passion for prediction led her to hone her many skills and also leave the legacy of the treasured Lenormand tarot deck.

Reading the traditional Lenormand deck is a very dynamic process unlike any other tarot reading method. It takes a skillful and disciplined reader with elevated intuitive skills and mental agility who has studied the 36 cards, their multiple meanings, and the specific spreads that Madame Lenormand designed to facilitate an effective reading.

If you’re looking for a deep insight into yourself, a Lenormand card reading can be of an enormous benefit. It will give precise, essential details on the important decisions before you and provide you with an overview of a certain situation, the role you play in it, and a wide range of alternative approaches to it.

The mystical symbols on the Lenormand cards stimulate and expand psychic abilities and extend reader sensitivity beyond the scope of normal perception. The beauty of Lenormand cards can be found in their fluidity and in the layers of meaning that each symbol possesses. That’s why each reading is specific and interpreted for you exclusively.

The Lenormand cards enable the reader to delve into your past and look ahead to your future. Then, your decisions and free will shall decide your fate in every step you take.

A talented Lenormand reader cares about you. They will draw your attention to key aspects that you should work on to avoid possible negative outcomes. A Lenormand reader is a partner you choose to help improve your life path and to find solutions to any issues, problems or traumas you are coping with.

Lenormand card readings can give you answers to specific questions, as well as an overview of your life today and your future, based on how you are now. 

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