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What is energy work?

Energy healing is a holistic practice where an energy worker channels a universal life force (or healing energy) into a patient to help balance, heal and remove blockages from the body. 

Flow, balance, harmony, and vitality within the body can be restored and maintained during energetic healing. Energy work includes a variety of holistic healing modalities like Reiki energy healing, light therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, Thai massage, tapping, and more. 

Just as you don't need to understand the law of gravity before you can fall, you don't need to completely grasp the concept of energy healing before you dive into the practice. Any time is a good time to visit an energy healer. If you are stressed, anxious, or physically drained, an energy healing session can help you relax and feel more balanced. 

And if you're already feeling good, it's always possible to feel a little better.

What is an energy healer or energy worker?

Energy workers are healers focused on removing any physical, spiritual, or emotional blockages, typically through like Reiki, tapping, hypnotism, or more intensive shamanic rituals, like soul retrieval.

How can an energy worker help me?

Energy healing can be a powerful way to improve your health and your life. 

In addition to your physical body, you also have a subtle body, which is comprised of layers of vibrating energy that moves outward from your body creating an interconnected field commonly known as the auric field, or your aura.

Each of the different layers of energy, including your physical body, is interconnected and works as a complete system. Your subtle energy layers connect to your physical body via energy points or centers, such as your chakras, or your thymus point, which is commonly used in tapping.

When you’re feeling well physically, it means that one or more of your energy centers is blocked or depleted. Energy healing works to activate your body’s subtle energy system and rebalance your energy centers. By doing this, you stimulate your physical body’s inherent ability to heal itself. 

But, you don’t need to wait until an energy center or point is blocked. The more energy work you do, the more refined your energy system becomes – it’s like a tune-up.

Energy healing meditation

The practice of self-healing meditation is the idea of resting the mind in silence and space, allowing it time to recover and rejuvenate. 

Healing meditation does not mean sitting in a perfect state of peace while having no thoughts. Big misconception! Instead, meditation for healing is about establishing a different relationship with your thoughts, just for a little while. 

Instead of attention being drawn to whatever thought happens to present itself, in meditation, you watch your thoughts from a different, more stabilized perspective. You’re training yourself to place your attention where and when you want. This is very powerful. It gives you the ability to direct your thoughts (and mood) in more productive and peaceful directions. Scientific studies have proven that this ability has profound self-healing implications for physical and mental health.