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Natal Charts, also known as Birth Charts, are graphs that illustrate the astrological data surrounding your date and time of birth. It charts the position of the planets and points by sign, house, and aspect, as well as lunar phases and hemisphere emphasis interpretation.

The birth chart is an extremely enlightening tool for self-awareness and learning energy patterns. Becoming conscious of your personal energy pattern is a great step forward towards self-growth. Learning to work with your energy helps bring balance into your life. It illuminate and shapes your true self.

How does my natal chart differ from my horoscope?

A horoscope is more general and less detailed than a birth chart. Horoscopes only include the position of the sun when calculating your astrological chart. Hundreds of pieces of information combine to create your natal chart. Since natal charts are more detailed, they are more accurate than your horoscope. While horoscopes can offer some bits of truth, your natal chart gives more personalized insight into who you are.

How will I benefit from having my natal chart?

Natal charts reveal your hidden desires and motivations. The unique detailed analysis of the positions of the planets and their relationship to each other uncovers character traits, areas of conflict, talents and abilities, personality strengths and weaknesses. The three major benefits of a birth chart are:

- Understanding relationship compatibilities
- Career counseling (how your personality is suited for an industry or profession)
- Identifying challenges in your life

Why is it important to share my time of birth?

Natal charts are most effective when they are complete. Accurate calculations depend on the precise position of the stars when you were born. The modern changes one degree every four minutes; whereas, a natal chart is accurate to the minute you were born. In addition to determining the exact positions of the planets, your time of birth will pinpoint your ascendant sign. Including your ascendant sign will improve the accuracy of your natal chart. Although some astrologers will create your natal chart without a time of birth, that data will be incomplete. Supplying an exact time and place of birth ensures you will benefit from the most accurate birth chart.

Your chart is like looking to yourself in the mirror, and taking a deep, introspective journey to your mind, soul and future self.

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