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The Osho Zen tarot is a beautifully illustrated and non-traditional tarot deck. The images of the Osho Zen tarot have an unprecedented and undeniable impact, for the cards speak to us in a transcendental language only recognized by our purest and higher selves. The deck awakens understanding and provokes clarity.

The Osho Zen cards were designed and created by Ma Deva Padma and they are based on the teachings of Zen Master Osho. The deeply saturated, vibrant artwork ignites imagination and stirs intuition. Each evocative card has a single word or theme imprinted on it that pertains to the human experience in all its ups and downs.

There’s a playful intelligence in this deck that attracts those who want to lighten up and take life, and themselves, less seriously.  

Unlike other decks, the Osho Zen tarot focuses on staying in the moment rather than looking too deeply into what the future may hold for the person seeking the oracular guidance.
This is an ideal deck for people who want an honest dose of reality and straightforward, balanced spiritual guidance.

An Osho Zen card reading is not for fortune-telling and external events. It is a deck for self-reflection and meditation. The Zen says that what’s going on in your inner world is perfectly reflected outside, in the world around you.

Osho tarot reading is most helpful for transitions and transformation.  There are correlations with the traditional tarot deck, although not quite the same.  For example, in this tarot deck, Pentacles are “Rainbows,” Swords are “Air,” Cups are “Water,” and Wands are “Fire.”

Be as silent and focused as possible when you receive an Osho tarot reading. The more you are able to perceive the process as a gift for your individual growth, the more meaningful the messages will be.

Again, the emphasis of the deck is not on prophecy or divination, but rather it directs you to the potential for transformation and renewal that is hidden in every aspect of daily life, if you only know where to look for it.

Be enlightened by the wisdom and introspective teachings of the Osho Zen masters. You will feel elevated and purely calm.

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