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Runes: The Magic of Psychic Reading Stones

Rune stones are an ancient alphabet of symbols that hold energy and meaning within. Runes are used as a source and instrument of intuitive divination. Reading runes allows us to reach insight beyond each stone's symbolism, which is why rune-casting appeals to people seeking advice, clarity and wisdom.

If you find yourself at a crossroads, feeling uncertain, or facing tough obstacles, the runes can illuminate the way and be your guide. They will show you potential scenarios and suggest how what actions you might take if that event occurs.  Runes are known for giving clues to questions, however you should figure out the answers.

Readers of magic runes believe in the concept of free will. They know we all possess the power to decide our path and make our own decisions. We can change the direction anytime. It’s entirely up to us.

When a rune reader casts the runes, she or he is not predicting your future. Your mind should be consciously focused on the issue or question that worries you. Then, when the runes are cast, the result isn’t random but reflect the selections made by your subconscious.

Keep in mind, rune readings are not about predictions. The stones are not “set in stone”. Casting runes is all about insight, harmony, balanced energy and guidance.

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